Mystery Mountain

On the 1st of September, we made our way to Tay Ho Water Park to catch the bus to Doi Song Trai, the beautiful location of the 24 hour pool party Mystery Mountain 4.0. The journey was well organised, and we got there in good time, driving through beautiful views of mountains on either side.



On arrival, we were searched before being let in, our attempts at sneaking in alcohol miserably prevented. But we didn’t let that dampen our spirits as we made our way to our 8 man tent. No intentions of sleeping in there, we dumped our things and made our way down to the bar and then onto the pool where a DJ was already blaring out music.


With averagely priced booze, we quickly managed to get ourselves drunk, and as more people arrived at

 the festival, the more buzzing the atmosphere got. With food available to stop us peaking to early, we got ourselves a cheap meal and carried on partying into the night.

The pool had two slides, and multiple floats which kept us entertained for hours, particularly as the alcohol took effect.


Two stages played throughout the evening, one poolside, the other in a field close by. Despite the event being sold out, the festival never seemed to be full, which can be seen as both a positive and a negative. On one hand, there were never big queues or crowds at any point, and it was easy to find friends again. However, in my drunk state I wanted to find the biggest party, and was unable to do so, as it did not exist. The two stages split the crowd, leading to quite a calm atmosphere at both.


Despite our best efforts, we didn’t stay up the whole night. Hats off to those who did. Waking up in damp swimsuits, covered in bug bites, and face paint smeared across our faces wasn’t the best feeling in the world. But was it worth it? Absolutely.


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